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Posted on 2018-07-02 by Daniel Hackl

AINA Wireless launches a PTT remote control that complements your PTT application on Android and iOS

PTT buttons are known accessories for PTT applications in an PTT over LTE ecosystem. They provide an easy way to trigger a PTT command even for consumer grade phones that do not provide a dedicated PTT button on the side of the phone. But even for PTT phones, a separate PTT button allows the user to keep the phone tucked away, on a belt or a holster and make PTT functionality more available.

Current Solutions are Missing Basic Crucial Attributes

The current PTT buttons in the market, lack very basic functions to be considered a robust solution for most use cases. Here some examples of our customers that asked us to create a proper solution that they can rely on and that complements their PTT solution:

  • “Most buttons are too simple as they do not extend the functions of the PTT app”
  • “These buttons are too consumer grade and you can’t rely on them in the field”
  • “They are too troublesome to pair especially in a group setting”

AINA Wireless Offers a Different Approach

AINA Wireless is now bringing to market the AINA PTT Smart Button. Made for professionals within public and private safety and security, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare, this small yet durable Bluetooth key allows its users to remotely control their push-to-talk apps or other application on smartphones or tablets.

“With the design of the Smart Button we stayed consistent with our development approach to provide simple and reliable ways to communicate and extend application functions to an accessory” says Pasi Auranen, CTO at AINA Wireless.


The AINA Wireless PTT Smart Button not only comes with a large 27mm (~1.1 inch) PTT button on the top but also with a 15mm (0.6 inch) programmable button which can be used as a secondary PTT button or a repeat, queue, or next channel button depending on the app settings. At the front, a panic button allows the user to easily notify relevant users of an emergency situation. The ergonomic flat design makes it very robust and rugged even when stepping on the Smart Button. Being IP65 approved, the Smart Button is dust tight and sustains heavy rain even when riding a motorbike. NFC pairing capabilities make it easy and secure to pair the Smart Button by simple holding the smartphone and PTT accessory together.

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Use Case: Healthcare Industry

The Smart Button is often used with other wired or wireless audio accessories like the AINA Surveillance Kit with Armature Speaker and Microphone or any Bluetooth headset. But the Smart Button does not have to be used in combination with a PTT function. One great example of an early customer was the security department of a major hospital. While the security staff was deploying a mix of Voice responders and Smart Buttons with audio headsets, It was later decided to also equip all nurses with a Smart Button that is connected to their iPads. While nurses are not engaging in any PTT group communication, they simply use the button as a silent alarm should they find themselves in a situation where they are being threatened or attacked. Hospital security staff is then alerted through an app with the exact floor and room location that the incident occured in and can provide support within less than a minute. According to statistics kept by the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), serious workplace violence was more common in health care than any other private sector industry. The health care and social assistance sector recorded almost eight cases of serious workplace violence per 10,000 full-time employees in 2013, compared with two cases per 10,000 workers in fields such as construction, retail, and manufacturing.

Use Case: Transportation & Logistics Industry

Another great example is seen in the transportation and logistics industry where a customer had high-end long-haul trucks equipped with an onboard Bluetooth audio system that was paired to a dash-mounted Samsung tablet. The Smart Button was attached to the dashboard at an easy arm’s reach for the driver. The PTT application supported a secondary PTT button so the driver always had the right group available at a single button press complying with distracted driving regulations.

Product Availability

The AINA Wireless PTT is now available in the AINA Online Shop and coming soon to Amazon in US, Canada, and Europe. Request a quote now or contact us to get contact information on nearby resellers and distributors.

Product Support

For more info on features and connectivity please check the AINA Smart Button FAQs as  well as the ever growing PTT app Specific Guides to leverage the full app compatibility for advanced PTT features.

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