Connecting your PTT Bluetooth Accessory with ESChat

Posted on 2018-07-26 by AINA Marketing

AINA Wireless’ Bluetooth PTT accessories are compatible with ESChat and their extended features like Emergency control.

Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) by SLA Corp has been one of the first players for Push-to-talk solutions and has since then maintained a leading position in market share and innovation across all industries. ESChat now offers an emergency call option. This urgent call has an insistent visual flashing signal and requires the recipients to acknowledge the call. The Emergency signal can be triggered through the AINA Wireless Voice Responder. This is a crucial requirement for most first responders as it is not acceptable for an officer in distress to be required to unlock a phone and change parameter in an app instead of holding a panic button.

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How to Reduce Ineffective Communication by Using the  Repeat Function

Posted on 2018-07-19 by AINA Marketing



The AINA Wireless Bluetooth Push-to-talk accessories with selected PTT apps support a repeat function that reduces redundant and inefficient communication

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Efficient Two-Way Communication

The beauty of two-way radio communication is that you can reach a huge number of contacts in your channel through a single button press, also referred to as a one-to-many call. Push-to-talk over cellular (POC) provides the same capability over an LTE network where many users can be enrolled into a group or channel to communicate to other users.

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Connecting your AINA PTT Accessory to Kodiak-based apps

Posted on 2018-07-11 by AINA Marketing

AINA Wireless’ Bluetooth PTT accessories are compatible with Kodiak a Motorola Company that provides PTT solutions for many mobile phone carriers like AT&T and Verizon in USA, Bell in Canada, Hotmobile in Israel and others.

Kodiak is the market leader of the Carrier-grade PTT applications promising a higher Quality of Service (QoS) as traffic of PTT apps and others can be prioritized which is an advantage during poor network coverage or within saturated networks. Since FirstNet is powered by AT&T, a network where all 50 states, 2 territories and the District of Columbia have opted in, the Kodiak application is the default application promoted by AT&T and FirstNet although other PTT applications are FirstNet approved.

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AINA Wireless PTT Smart Button - Communication Made Safe and Simple

Posted on 2018-07-02 by Daniel Hackl

AINA Wireless launches a PTT remote control that complements your PTT application on Android and iOS

PTT buttons are known accessories for PTT applications in an PTT over LTE ecosystem. They provide an easy way to trigger a PTT command even for consumer grade phones that do not provide a dedicated PTT button on the side of the phone. But even for PTT phones, a separate PTT button allows the user to keep the phone tucked away, on a belt or a holster and make PTT functionality more available.

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