Sonim Technologies and AINA Wireless announce New Strategic Partnership

Posted on 2018-08-29 by Daniel Hackl

08/22/2018, San Mateo CA and Salo Finland

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Connecting your Bluetooth PTT accessory to a Sonim phone

Posted on 2018-08-20 by AINA Marketing

The AINA Wireless Voice Responder and the Smart Button are compatible with Somin phones on any available PTT app out there. Sonim Technologies is a leading provider of water-submersible mobile phones designed specifically for workers in demanding and hazardous environments. Sonim has created a unique way to connect Bluetooth accessories to their phones. With their Sonim BLE app, you can map the different buttons on the PTT accessory to the buttons on the phone. This works for their Smartphones XP7 and XP8 as well as for their feature phones XP5 and XP5S.

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ESChat Integrates New Emergency Call Feature

Posted on 2018-08-03 by AINA Marketing

Enterprise Secure Chat (ESChat) by SLA Corp was one of the first players in push-to-talk solutions and has since maintained a leading position in both market share and innovation across all industries. As a FirstNet Certified app, ESChat meets FirstNet’s and the First Responder Network Authorities’ highest levels of credibility in the categories of public safety relevancy, security, data privacy, availability, resiliency and scalability.

ESChat now offers an emergency call option which can be triggered through the AINA Wireless Voice Responder or Smart Button. Whether you work in public safety, utilities, transportation and logistics or even if hospitality, you need a way to arm your workforce with a simple, easy way to provide an emergency alert in situations of distress. For first responders this is a crucial requirement as it is not acceptable for an officer in distress  (e.g. an officer down situation) to be mandated  to unlock their phone and change parameters in an app rather than pressing a panic button.

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