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Connecting your AINA PTT Accessory to GroupTalk

Posted on 2018-05-31 by AINA Marketing

One push-to-talk application that has mastered combining PTT app features and advanced functions offered by the AINA Wireless PTT accessories is GroupTalk. Both the Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (Voice Responder) and the PTT button (SmartButton) are fully integrated and compatible with GroupTalk. The configuration allows the user to fully customize the buttons to different functions.

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Use NFC to Simply and Securely Pair AINA Wireless PTT Accessories with Your Mobile Phone

Posted on 2018-05-24 by AINA Marketing


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AINA Wireless PTT Accessories: Emergency Management Made Easy

Posted on 2018-05-10 by AINA Marketing

Wireless PTT accessories offer users simple emergency controls and SOS alerts

Occupational safety has increasingly become a matter of serious concern for both labour and social welfare departments as well as organizations and individuals. In 2017, 65 workers died in work-related accidents, while 5,007 were injured as the US continues to experience “unacceptably high” work-related accidents according to Labour and Social Welfare minister Petronella Kagonye. Whether you work in public safety, utilities, transportation and logistics or even if hospitality, you need a way to arm your workforce with a simple, easy way to provide an emergency alert in situations of distress. With the rise of push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) replacing two-way radio communications, walkie talkie PTT applications in combination with PTT accessories like Bluetooth remote speaker microphones or Bluetooth buttons, needed a way to offer users simple emergency controls and alerts.   


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Connecting your PTT Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone with Zello

Posted on 2018-05-04 by AINA Marketing

Pairing a Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone or other push-to-talk accessories with Zello is easy. The AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responder is not only Zello compatible but the app enables the enhanced functionalities of the Speaker Mic allowing the end user to control the PTT application through the PTT accessory. Learn more about PTT app features you should know about.

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How to pair your Bluetooth audio accessory to your phone or tablet

Posted on 2018-04-20 by AINA Marketing

Any audio accessory needs to first be paired on the OS level which routes the audio through the Bluetooth audio device. After a few simple steps you can connect it to your choice of PTT application or walkie-talkie app which offer different ways of enabling the button functionalities and features like PTT, channel scrolling and emergency alerts.

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Replacing LMRs – Are we there yet?

Posted on 2017-05-11 by AINA Marketing

With over 100 million push-to-talk (PTT) apps installed worldwide, one may think the days of land-mobile-radios (LMRs) are numbered. Yet at the same time radios are still widely used, and some Tetra networks and other radio systems are being renewed. That could make the tech observer wonder why that may be. Speaking to industry experts on the LMR side of the world, the answer is: “Walkie-talkies are cheap. They are proven. They are reliable.” Asking the same group how they feel about PTT over long-term evolution (LTE)/internet protocol (IP), the answer comes promptly: “The technology doesn’t seem to be there just yet.”

Remote Push-to-Talk Control – Simple as a Radio

Posted on 2017-01-31 by AINA Marketing

AINA Wireless develops wireless communication devices for Push-to-Talk (PTT) over mobile broadband. Made in Finland, AINA’s products combine grown user habits and practicality with the versatility of modern communication and information technology.

Welcome to Our New Website

Posted on 2016-12-22 by AINA Marketing

We are very happy to announce that our brand-new website is now ready for visitors to explore. We wanted to make sure that with this new and improved site, visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Whether it is purchasing an AINA device, finding out more about the push-to-talk technology or scrolling through frequently asked questions, everything can be quickly found and navigated through the main bar at the top of every page.

Unboxing and Review

Posted on 2016-11-28 by AINA Marketing

Interested in buying a PTT Voice Responder but not a 100% sure yet? Check out the following in-depth unboxing and review videos made by The Zello Doctor and Zello Funk to see what other users think about the device.

Review by SevereStream Media

Posted on 2016-11-14 by AINA Marketing

SevereStream Media, a video broadcasting company which live streams severe storms in the United States, recently tested and reviewed the AINA PTT Voice Responder.