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Daniel Hackl has provided consulting to hundreds of customers in small and large companies and organizations across all industries during their PTT over LTE projects. Over his career he has established an extensive network of partners within the PTT over LTE ecosystem that he leverages to find the right solution for his clients. Daniel Hackl holds two Master’s degrees in business and a certificate in Digital Strategy from the University of British Columbia. He also brings experience in project management and is CompTIA Security+ certified.
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AINA Smart Charging Solutions

Posted on 2018-11-19 by Daniel Hackl

AINA launches a portfolio of charging solutions complementary to their wireless Remote Speaker Microphone, the PTT Voice Responder

From mobile phones to two-way radios, all portable communication solutions require regular charging. Therefore, processes and routines around charging, need to be established. But what if there were smart charging solutions that allowed users to facilitate charging during regular use of their push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solution? AINA Wireless has launched a charging portfolio that dramatically increases the simplicity of charging so that workers don’t have to worry about charging processes at all.

AINA’s Smart Charging Solutions include three new products specifically designed for the Voice Responder:

  1. In-vehicle charging solution - AINA Vehicle Cradle
  2. Single unit docking station - AINA Desktop Cradle
  3. Five unit charging station - AINA multi-unit Desktop Charger

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How to connect your Bluetooth PTT accessory to Motorola WAVE 5000

Posted on 2018-10-17 by Daniel Hackl

AINA’s Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone - Voice Responder - and PTT control - Smart Button - are compatible with Motorola WAVE 5000 5.12+

From radio networks to broadband (LTE) networks, from two-way radios to smartphones, WAVE 5000 creates a reliable connection. The WAVE 5000 team has made the AINA Wireless Voice Responder and Smart Button compatible PTT accessories with extended functionalities.

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Caramie Huntington Joins AINA Wireless as Senior Vertical Market Manager Transportation & Logistics

Posted on 2018-09-04 by Daniel Hackl

AINA Wireless is delighted to announce the appointment of Caramie Huntington as the new Senior Vertical Market Manager for the Transportation and Logistics Industry in North-America, effective August 27th, 2018.

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Sonim Technologies and AINA Wireless announce New Strategic Partnership

Posted on 2018-08-29 by Daniel Hackl

08/22/2018, San Mateo CA and Salo Finland

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AINA Wireless PTT Smart Button - Communication Made Safe and Simple

Posted on 2018-07-02 by Daniel Hackl

AINA Wireless launches a PTT remote control that complements your PTT application on Android and iOS

PTT buttons are known accessories for PTT applications in an PTT over LTE ecosystem. They provide an easy way to trigger a PTT command even for consumer grade phones that do not provide a dedicated PTT button on the side of the phone. But even for PTT phones, a separate PTT button allows the user to keep the phone tucked away, on a belt or a holster and make PTT functionality more available.

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Hannu Elopuro Joins AINA Wireless as Director of Sales for EMEA & Asia

Posted on 2018-05-14 by Daniel Hackl

AINA Wireless is delighted to announce the appointment of Hannu Elopuro as the new Director of Sales for the EMEA & Asia regions, effective today, May 14th 2018.

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AINA Wireless receives strategic investment to accelerate growth for LTE-based Push-to-Talk devices

Posted on 2018-05-08 by Daniel Hackl

The Finnish Björnberg family, industrial family since 1781, has made a strategic equity investment into AINA Wireless, via its investment company Saxo Oy. AINA, in its relatively short history, has become a leader in providing rugged and loud PTT accessories for digital communication supplying products for major mobile device OEMs, carriers, the public sector and commercial operations.

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How to Avoid Dubious Accessory Vendors

Posted on 2018-03-07 by Daniel Hackl

The mobile phone market is dominated by mostly reputable companies and even lower cost devices from Huawei are strictly controlled, providing a good level of quality, reliability, and customer support. The rugged device market has to fight with some counterfeit cases and very low cost devices that do not fulfill what they promise but these devices have hardly gained foothold in developed markets. The PTT accessory market on the other hand has a much bigger problem with counterfeit cases. Some end users are complaining about failure rates of 40 percent and higher, bad customer service, and high return shipping costs to mostly East Asia. To avoid this, companies have to put the same amount of focus on sourcing adequate PTT accessories as they do for mobile phones and PTT applications. Here are a few precautions companies can take to avoid significant amounts of communication downtime and administrative work to get devices exchanged.

How Some Bluetooth PTT Accessories Can Pose a Security Risk to Your Organization

Posted on 2018-03-02 by Daniel Hackl

A Crash Course in Bluetooth Security

Since wired devices are connected directly to the mobile device, it is hard to tamper with them unless someone gets very close to the user. Bluetooth devices use waves which can be picked up by anyone. It is important to ensure that anything being communicated through the Bluetooth device (not only voices but commands through button presses) are using secured channels that cannot be intercepted.

Functions and Features of PTT Accessories You Should Know About

Posted on 2018-02-28 by Daniel Hackl

Here is a brief overview of the different features and functions that PTT accessories can provide. When it comes to extending the capabilities of a mobile device or a PTT app, there are not many possibilities to do so with wired accessories regardless of having a light headset or remote speaker microphone (RSM). The reason is the analog connection via the 3.5mm audio connector, which doesn’t allow for more than audio and the PTT signal. Bluetooth accessories provide a digital connection which can theoretically send an almost infinite number of commands to the phone or app matching the feature set provided within the PTT ecosystem.