Connecting your AINA Wireless PTT to Kenwood NEXEDGE NX-3000, NX-5000 Series and LTE handsets

Posted on 2018-12-19 by AINA Marketing

 The Kenwood Nexedge Series (NX-3000 and NX-5000) is the latest addition to the Kenwood two-way radio portfolio to meet the most stringent requirements of today's mission-critical or business critical radio users supporting NXDN, DMR and P25.

Kenwood recently announced the launch of newly designed KENWOOD branded Android based LTE handset devices. The KWSA80K and KWSA50K push-to-talk over LTE smartphone devices are ultra-rugged and extremely durable.

The AINA Wireless Voice Responder provides a consistent user experience across the different Kenwood devices as shown in the following graphic:


This guide provides an overview on how to pair the AINA PTT Voice Responder to Kenwood's different devices.

  A  Pairing the AINA PTT Voice Responder to Kenwood's NEXEDGE series (NX-3000 and NX-5000)

Requirements: The Serial Port Profile (SPP) needs to be enabled by loading the file KWD-3002BT for NX-3000 and KWD-5003BT for NX-5000 into the Bluetooth Data menu under Transceiver and Product Information. Please contact your Kenwood radio dealer to get this enabled!
  1. Put your AINA PTT Voice Responder into Kenwood pairing mode by holding the Call answer button while powering it ON
  2. On the Kenwood radio, press the Home button (top left button / double page icon)
  3. Select the Bluetooth settings
  4. Select “BT Device”
  5. Select “Find Device”
  6. Select your AINA accessory from the list of available devices
  7. Confirm the connection request by pressing the Home button

Kenwood instructions



  B  Pairing the AINA PTT Voice Responder to Kenwood's LTE handsets (KWSA80K and KWSA50K)

Requirements: Make sure to download or update the latest BLE app.
  1. Go to the phone's Settings and select 'Bluetooth'
  2. Select your PTT Voice Responder from the list of available devices (see friendly name on the back)
  3. Wait for your device to pair
  4. Go to the BLE app
  5. Select your Voice Responder from the list

Phone Bluetooth Settings:

Sonim xp8 screenshots (2)

BLE app:

BLE connect

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