Transform Your Two-Way Communications Strategy with PTT Over LTE

Posted on 2017-10-24 by Daniel Hackl

A recent Fujitsu survey in 15 countries for 1,614 C-suite members revealed that 89% of them have started a digital transformation initiative where of 34% of them have already seen business outcomes.

So how can business leaders drive digital transformation to improve efficiency, reduce costs and pave the way for organization growth?

Driving Digital Transformation Through Data and Consolidation of Technologies

The first key area is data collection and distribution. The better employees can collect data through process and technology and share it across their organization, the higher chance the organization will be equipped to make smarter business decisions. Also, the fast speed at which wireless devices currently transmit data (100,000 kbps) with the 4G/LTE network, has significantly helped the democratization of data. In addition, collecting more thorough information can even help organizations, especially those in regulated industries, prevent costs associated with compliance breaches and litigation.

Cost reduction has also been realized through the trend of consolidating technologies. Previously, a multitude of disjointed technologies would collect information that would be kept siloed and used for just one specific function. With mobile devices and the diversity of applications connecting them to other technologies (back to IoT), we are able to not only distribute an enormous amount of data but also receive, consolidate and consume the data wherever we are, to make better business decisions.

Communication as an Integral Component of Your Digital Transformation

If you work in an environment that requires a high volume of quick and instant communication not only to share data but also to provide context or to request confirmation, coordinate different entities and maintain control, communication undoubtedly needs to be part of your organization’s digital transformation. Although email or direct phone calls may still be necessary business communication channels, direct real-time communication is critical to provide immediate situational context and resolve issues quickly. To facilitate this, software companies are now providing mobile phone apps to provide efficient and instant one-to-one and one-to-many communication. These apps, usually called Push-To-Talk (PTT) applications, turn a mobile phone into a two-way radio. The solution is formally called PTT over Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Why Consider a PTT over LTE Solution?

Unlike a traditional phone call, sending and confirming a message with PTT apps, is usually managed in a time frame of 30 seconds. If a similar type of information was required to be communicated hundreds of times per day to a mass audience, you can only imagine the benefits of these PTT apps. PTT applications also have integrated additional features like geolocation and task management. The trend of consolidation has led application providers to combine their services through APIs to integrate PTT applications with industry specific applications. This can be seen within the transportation and logistics industry in truck management software for routing, job tracking and Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and also the hospitality industry for service optimization solutions.

For organization currently using two-way radios, there is the potential to consolidate technologies to save costs. Tower/license fees or costs, expensive equipment, channel occupancy, maintenance, training, convenience are all valid reasons to move to PTT over LTE. It is becoming the norm to equip any worker, regardless of seniority, with some kind of mobile device. And, even in environments where companies don’t want to equip their entire workforce with an expensive smartphone there are more affordable alternatives available. Some workers may also opt to use their own personal devices.

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